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Coating NPS - 100
Main applications Fabrics, medical and sanitary articles, medical bandages, air cleaning filters, daily use articles, cosmetics, shoes, socks, sporting dress, toys, building indoor use (wallpapers, plaster and concrete walls, curtains, roller binds, carpets, floor covers), etc.
Main functions
  • antibacterial
  • fungicide
Characteristics NPS-100 is water based coating with silver nanoparticles. It has antibacterial and fungicide characteristics on coated surfaces.
Different than titanium dioxide based products does not demand light action to become active. Strong antibacterial and fungicide action is same in good light conditions as well as in the darkness. It eliminates more than 99% bactrias and fungis.
Coating applying conditions NPS-100 solution has high concentration (2000 mg/l) of silver nanoparticles. In NPS-100 applications it should be diluted with demineralized water up to do 10 ~ 50 mg/l. Before dilution firmly shake the package container within one minute.

Coating should be made by sprying or sinking in solution. Application temperature: 5~25 oC.
Application humidity: about 80%.
After application the tools should be washed with water.
Drying conditions Room temperature.
Guarantee period 12 months
Storage conditions Recommended temperature 5~25 oC, no light access and far away from heat sources.
Transportation conditions In firmly closed packages in trucks under tarpaulin
Certificates Health Ministry Certificate nbr 2030/04 issued on 21.01.2005
Packages 20, 100 l
Effects examples Word file (145 KB)

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