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Photocatalyst TiO2
TiO2 coating
Ag nano molecules
Ag coating

TiO2 nanomolecules coating applications

Main function Examples of use
Rain self-cleaning
road signs, lamps globesp, road anti-noise walls, road columns, road mirrors, windows, exhibitions, window ledges, transparent roofs, glasshouses, roof windows, ceramic and alluminium elevations railings, tombstones, monuments, benches, garden furniture, ceramic roof tiles, specialized roof metal sheets, terraces surfaces, umbrellas, tarpaulins, awnings, trains, tanks, yachts surfaces, automobile roof-racks, photoelectrical cells, sun collectors, isolators
Ease wash tunnels walls, tunnels lighting systems, windows and exhibitions not exposed to the rain, tiles, walls, wash-basins, baths, lavatory pans, shower cabines, monitors, computer keyboards, tables surface, cooker hoods, kitchen electric and gas ovens surface, window blinds
Anti-fog function
and drop create prvent
mirrors, window glasses, binoculars, human glasses, air conditioners heat-exchangers, helmets viewfinders
UV waves security advertisement surfaces, outern elevations and roofs with high sun exposition
Odour neutralisation smoking rooms, shops trading with bad odour keeping goods, sportsmen dressing rooms, cars interiors, another spaces with high odour density
Anti-bacterial, anti-fungicital function air conditioners filers, air cleaners systems in buildings, laboratories, animals husbandry places, medical equipment, sanitary ceramics, floors and walls in bathrooms and public lavatories in hotels, hospitals, swiming pools etc., sanitary dress, uniforms and camp equipment, sleeping bags, surfaces and equipment of hospital operating theatres as well as outpatients' clinics, isolation wards and barren rooms, caps and helmets of uniform formations

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