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Photocatalyst TiO2
TiO2 coating
Ag nano molecules
Ag coating

Ag nanomolecules coating use

Place of use Examples of use
Fabric articles Wear (underwear, socks, shirts, uniforms, work dress, etc.), bedclothes, masks, gloves, swiming dress, caps, handkerchiefs, towels, carpets, etc.
Leather articles Shoes, gloves, bags, chairs, armchairs etc.
Daily use articles Kitchen equipment (sponges, brushes, sieves, chopping boards, etc.), bathroom (combs, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, cups, bath curtains, wash-basins, baths, bathroom accesories, etc.), hangers, umbrellas, anti-rain wear, waste=baskets, home shoes, etc.
Home use articles Water filters, sprinklers, air conditioners filters, ventilators, air cleaners, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, fridges, ovens, koffee machines, phones, computers, keyboards, mouses, etc.
Water-supply Containers
Building articles Wall paper, curtains, carpets wash-basins, ceramic tiles, isolation materials, paints, insulates, mortars, sand animal reservuars, cages, etc.
Sporting goods Wear, equipment, gloves, shoes, overalls, jackets, caps, etc.
Toys Games, dolls, mascots, puzzles, etc.
Medical-sanitarty articles Bad mattresses, furniture, bedclothes, gips bandages, coats, bandages, sprays, sanitary towels, towels, etc.
Cosmetics Soaps, emulsions, sprays, containers, etc.

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