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Ag based nanoproducts - new generation

Ag as chemical element is many years known as very good effective for human health. In old history all the Europe was destroyed by haevy deseases and almost a half of population was killed. Usually rich people residences and palaces were secured agains deseases by using silver in cutlery, jewellery etc.

Today we are attacked all the time by bacterias, fungis and viruses which we meet in our environment as well as caused by magnetic waves. All of such wrong actions may be decreased by silver, especially its nano-molecules using which are very effective to make higher human immunology system security level.

Ag based nanoproducts in comparison with TiO1 based nanoproducts do not demand UV waves to be activated. They have strong antibacterial, antifungicital actions and they are active in all light condition, also in full darkness. They eliminate more than 99% bacterias and fungis and this is confirmed by research made in medical institutes.


Ag based nanoproducts can be used either as coating for metal, plastic, fabric, paper and ceramic surfaces or ready finished products like filling of air condition systems filters, automobile filters, refridgerators etc.

We must underline that antibacterial action of Ag based nanoproducts keeps for long time: from some months up to some years depends of kinds of products and use.

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