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Nanotechnology is technology and production of very small elements on the smalest molecules size, on the atom structure level. Przyjęło się zaliczać do nanotechnologii działania na cząsteczkach mniejszych niż 100 nm (nanometrów).

Nanotechnology interest are materials and systems, structures and elements of which have special and much better physically, chemically and biologically developed characteristics and in which all existing processes are caused by their nanosizes. Nanotechnology aim is using of those characteristics by control on atom and molecules level as well as develope effective way to produce and use them. Characteristics of molecules in "nano scale" are difficult to foresee in comparison with bigger molecules. Possibility to change molecules sizes to nano scale allows to get very special characteristics of nanocarbon fibres, thin films, DNA based structures as well as laser systems.

Nanotechnology together with biometric, sun light energy and biotechnology is the fastes developing area. Leading countries are Japan, Korea, USA and Germany. Nanotechnology world gices work to at least million people. Governments and private people give to research work in nanotechnology area very high funds. This area according to USA analytics opinions will become during nearest years the main stream of USA economy. They foresee that untill 2011 year world market will reach USD trillion in nanomolecules area. Only photocatalyst products basing on titanium dioxide (TiO2) is esteemed as at least USD 20 billion.

Thank nanotechnology revolutionary achievements scientists race in project and production of materials having very special characteristics. Creation of materials one hundred times stronger that the hardest steel, ultra light and bullet resistant soldiers uniforms also protecting soldiers agains biological and chemical danger and changing color depends on environment, special heads to write and read computers hard disks having just a few atoms size thickness need very short time to be developed or already exist. Indestructible surfaces of military vehicles which could rebuild themselves after damage by missile without any traces already worked on by American scientists. Nanocapsules with possibility of biodegradation having small portion of medicine inside already apply to diabetes sick persons. Nanoparticles having vitamines and other components penetrating human skin are well known in cosmetic area the same as medicine nanoparticles coated onto contact lens to apply without any drop use. The people with damaged spinal cord may have a chance to rebuild nerves connection by nanotechnology achievements. Also cancer sick people wait for wide use of special nanoparticles which will selectively kill cancer cells keeping unchanged health human cells.

Also thank nanotechnology achievements come fantastic photocatalyst coatings which are self-cleaning, antibacterial, superhydrophilic, deodorizing, hardening as well as photoelectrochemical cells (generating electricity) on a basis of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The leader in research as well as production of photocatalyst as well as photoelectrochemical cells is Nanopac Company.

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