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Activity aims
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Activity aims

Multifunctional coating substrates
1) Strong coatings
Base: ceramic (glass, tiles, etc.), policarbones
2) Dissolution toxic moleculesch
Base: ceramikc (glass, tiles, etc.). metals (alluminium, itp.)
3) Security against UV waves
Base: arkusze PCV do reklam zewnętrznych, papier foto-czuły
4) Hydrofilia
Base: PCV sheets for outern advertisement, advertisement tables, road signs ans tables, roof ceramics
5) Antibacterial security
Base: ceramics (cups, etc.), paper (packing, wall rolls), syntetic skin
6) Dezodorization
Base: metal filters (alluminium wire etc.), filter threads
7) Antystatics
Base: acrylic materials, policarbons, etc.
8) Corrosion security
Base: metala (steel, alluminium, etc.)
Photocatalist nanopowders
1) Pure TiO2, photocatalist oxides mix, photocatalist materials with metal addings.
Elements with photocatalist coatings
1) Materials for: air clear systems, sewages clear systems
2) Air filters: buildings air clear systems, air polutions utilization systems
3) Photocatalist set for sewages treat system
Environment security photocatalist systems
1) Ventilation systems
2) Sewages treat system
3) Hybryde systems
Coating systems
1) Shower revolving system
2) Shower ambling-back system
3) Rotary shower coating system
4) Immerse coating system

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