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New technologies lead us to compete with other countries in the worldwide market to ensure the better economy and life. Nano-technolgy is one of the key technologies for demonstrating the nationĄŻs level of science, and the world seriously explores building core technologies to develop the innovative systems for human life..

Photocatalyst application is well known nano-technology that can be applicable not only for global environment remediation but also for better quality of residential life. The main goal of NANOPAC is to establish successful commercialization of photocatalyst technology, and thus NANOPAC will become one of the world-leading companies.

In order to reach this goal, NANOPAC will concentrate on developing higher efficiency of nano sized materials such as photocatalysts, nano-carbon, nano-silver and eventually manufacture the advanced components and systems for environmental applications and new energy generation.

Consequently, the missions of NANOPAC are to contribute our accomplishments to ensure the best quality of life, and to capitalize on our rights to proprietary, patented technology and processes.

Main activity aims:
  • Preparation of nano-sized Photocatalyst materials (powders, solutions),
  • Photocatalytic System Design for detoxifying contaminated air/soil and water,
  • Photocatalytic Reaction Mechanism,
  • Photocatalytic System for Energy Conversion,
  • Solar Energy Conversion.
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